LisbonTech UDM:

Unstructured Data Masking

Lisbon Unstructured Data Masking (UDM) is the only solution on the market that can intelligently obfuscate unstructured data, effectively protecting organizations should a breach occur.

Unstructured data includes many sources of business information including MS Office Documents, social media data, PDF files, scanned images (insurance and healthcare claims, W2 tax documents, etc.) web logs, BLOBs/CLOBs, emails, and more.

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Structured & Unstructured
Data Masking

Obfuscation and Data Masking is an effective way to maintain compliance, pass audits, lessen the risks and protect sensitive data across the network. Effectively remediating the risks of sensitive data breaches.

Dynamic Data

Intelligent redaction or dynamic data masking of unstructured data allows selective and temporary redaction of production or test data, desensitizing documents depending on users access level.

Unstructured Data

Data archiving or decommissioning is an effective information lifecycle management strategy to ensure optimized information governance. The unstructured data growth and storage model is over 8x that of structured.


File reduction reduces the footprint of documents by more than 80%, freeing up network bandwidth, minimizing storage costs and improving significantly application performance.

Structured & Unstructured Data Masking

Data masking replaces the original values of sensitive data with fictitious yet contextually accurate data, maintaining the referential integrity and preserving the usability of the protected data so that you can carry on worry-free with critical operations such as testing, development, and analytics.

Our data masking solutions ensure the protection of both structured and unstructured data. With as much as 80% of enterprise data now being unstructured data (expected to rise to 93% by 2020 according to IDC), it can be the #1 target for insider and outsiders to access personally identifiable data (PII), protected health information (PHI), or Intellectual property (IP).

Lisbontech UDM is the only comprehensive solution on the market that provides remediation of sensitive data holistically. UDM selectively finds and obfuscates sensitive records stored in PDFs, Excel, Word, Images, Hadoop database and 70 other unstructured file formats. UDM can run separately or in combination with market leader for database privacy solutions such as IBM® Optim™, StoredIQ™ or Informatica’s Data Privacy to ensure complete security.

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Dynamic Unstructured Data Masking

LisbonTech's Dynamic Unstructured Data Masking replaces the real values of a document with similar values ensuring that the documents are safe and protected while keeping the same look and feel. The data can be “Redacted on the Fly” by displaying information based on the user’s permissions and obfuscating or changing sensitive data that may be outside of their authorization.

Our intelligent redaction can mask at the glass for your unstructured data in production and test, saving storage costs, keeping original repository and redact as needed.

Unstructured Data Archiving and Decommissioning

Enterprise information archiving is driven by the rising volume of historical preservation of data. Our UDA solution addresses the need to support the decommissioning of unstructured data, particularly for large scale file environments with corresponding content to structured business systems and parallel events, such as the adoption and migration to SaaS.

Lisbontech's Unstructured Data Archiving module (UDA) Helps you archive unstructured content and apply ILM retention policies. These files typically include MS Office Documents, PDF’s, flat files, images, email files and more. Ensuring a lower cost storage while enabling access to the archived data and restore back to production if needed. Along with our File Reduction solution, UDA can minimize your archived footprint to reach optimized application performance.

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File Reduction

LisbonTech's File Reduction module (FR) reduces the footprint of the unstructured files across your enterprise while sustaining their quality. By implementing FRM, you can save on storage costs, improve performance, and free up space from your network bandwidth. Unlike compression and de-duplication where the files must be reconstituted, FRM address the problem directly on the file negating the need to have software to un-compress.

LisbonTech UDM:

the only solution in the market that provides a full remediation of both structured and unstructured data.
LisbonTech UDM
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Test Data Management

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Preventing Internal Fraud

Extending Existing Data Masking Investments


Identify, mask, archive and compress all sensitive data from unstructured data files across your enterprise.

  • Protect 75+ unstructured file formats
  • Dynamic unstructured data masking on the fly
  • Extend your existing data masking investments
  • Reduce your documents footprint and storage costs

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