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Our comprehensive data security services are led by veterans with over 25 years of experience in Data Privacy, information management and cyber-security that can provide a full suite of personalized offerings to help you identify risks, design advanced breach prevention policies, implement the appropriate technology solutions and remediate detected vulnerabilities across your enterprise. Our high level of integrity and strong customer focus provide tangible results.

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Unstructured Data Protection

Our extensive experience working with unstructured data protection allows us to create custom, business oriented solutions for the most difficult security issues in high profile industries. We merge our expertise, architecture solutions and skills/talent to help our clients integrate their existing security solutions to cover the protection of potentially the most vulnerable data across the enterprise: unstructured data.

Our team of consultants, specialists and leaders work alongside our clients in providing them with unique solutions in managing and enhancing their systems for a better and a secure enterprise.

Penetration Testing Services

To find the right cyber-security tools and strategy, you first need to know where are your vulnerabilities and potential breaking points. Having our team of experts that equal the skills and knowledge of professional hackers test your weaknesses from the outside, and point our your flaws can prepare you for the actual attacks, minimizing your data breaches impact by large.

We will provide a detailed report of vulnerabilities found, our suggested remediation tactics, and steps to increase your application and data protection to its highest limits.

Product Services

Other than the support we provide to our LisbonTech proprietary solutions: LisbonTech Unstructured Data Masking, Dynamic Unstructured Data Masking, Unstructured Data Archiving, and Unstructured File Reduction. We also partner with IBM to provide support to multiple of their data protection suites such as IBM® Optim™. Our specialists are IBM technical veterans that formed part of the initial product design for their products and can provide great expertise in Test Data Management, Test Data Fabrication and Data Protection.

If you have invested in robust data protection suites and would like for us to provide health-checks, maintenance and upgrades to extend your ROI to its maximum potential, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Application Development

We understand that our customers carry greater need for customization of their invested solutions in order to fully adapt to their individual business needs.

Our development team is suited to cater for custom application development, to help you extend protection and increase your ROI.


With over 25 years of experience, we at LisbonTech are leaders in providing protection for structured and unstructured data. We have a wide skill and knowledge of iSeries, Mainframe, and handheld or embedded systems.

LisbonTech Data Privacy Services focus on providing solutions for data protection. Our expertise include:

  • Test Data Management
  • Data Privacy
  • Archiving
  • Reporting and Analytics

Don’t let your business be a victim of a data breach. Get help now!