IBM THINK is just around the corner, and we're excited to be attending the event to meet professionals from diverse backgrounds that are interested in discussing unstructured data security and remediation. 

Meet us at THINK2018 to:

  • Learn why you need unstructured data masking
  • Discuss case studies on multiple verticals
  • Review what is missing in your GDPR readiness
  • Understand how we can help you extend your existing IBM investment
  • See a live Demo of LisbonTech UDM
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LisbonTech UDM

Lisbon Unstructured Data Masking (UDM) is the only solution on the market that can intelligently obfuscate unstructured data, effectively protecting organizations should a breach occur.

Extend IBM Optim 

LisbonTech UDM is the only solution that can help you extend your existing IBM Optim investment from its structured data masking features to include unstructured data files (PDFs, Web Logs, Flat files, MS Office docs, Scanned images, disparate records, etc)


Test Data Management

Encryption, Tokenization, Quarantine, Access Management are popular data protection protocols, but they do not complete the compliance circle for you.


Unstructured Data Masking

Unstructured data includes many sources of business information including MS Office Documents, social media data, PDF files, scanned images (insurance and healthcare claims, W2 tax documents, etc.) web logs, and text messages.