Extend your data privacy tools to mask unstructured data and maximize your ROI

Have you invested in costly data privacy solutions that until now have only managed to do half of the job? Widely adopted products like Data discovery, encryption, and masking tend to cover specific functions without extending its capabilities to fully protect all data in all use cases.

LisbonTech UDM can run separately or in combination with market leader for database privacy solutions such as IBM® Optim™, StoredIQ™ or Informatica’s Data Privacy to ensure complete security.

LisbonTech and IBM solutions can assist you with GDPR readiness by providing capabilities for data protection. Together, these capabilities help protect data from unauthorized access, minimizing the risk that the data might be inadvertently accessed. We can empower your organisation to pursue the data minimization with solutions such as data archiving and decommissioning, and only the data points that are needed for processing activities such as analytics and testing are preserved.

Using a variety of different masking techniques, IBM Optim can help protect data in structured systems and formatting in test systems without losing the underlying contextual meaning. LisbonTech UDM can work in combination with IBM Optim to extend its masking capabilities to the unstructured side. Covering a wide variety of sensitive data sitting in unstructured and complex file formats such as PDFs, Emails, Excel, MS Word Docs, Scanned documents, images, Xrays, and 70+ other unstructured file formats. Replacing personal or sensitive data such as telephone numbers, national identification numbers, email addresses or names maintaining the same referential integrity. In other words, a masked email address still looks like an email address, and functions like one in test/dev workloads, without putting the address itself at risk of exposure. Masking can be performed across cloud and on-premises workloads, with predefined data privacy classifications and rules designed to speed time to implementation and simplify your reporting needs. This capability can also potentially reduce the consent duties and obligations.

LisbonTech UDM can also extend the use of IBM StoredIQ to mask the unstructured data mapped by the discovery results, since IBM StoredIQ provides the outline of unstructured files with sensitive data, but its limited to remediate the vulnerable data identified in said locations. LisbonTech UDM can extend its value to locate the sensitive data within the files identified and consequently mask it comprehensively. Eliminating all risks of sensitive or personal data being mishandled in non-production environments.

Do you have challenges with your current stack of data protection tools? Would you like to extend your existing investment to protect the unstructured data across your organization? Contact us to request a Demo of our LisbonTech UDM solution today, and let our experts assess the value to potentially extend your IBM or any other data privacy solution.

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